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Dangerous Goods Transport
Welcome to our Dangerous Goods Service . Being DG Transport Specialist over the decades with chemical industry recognition and reputation, WNS DG expert offers the complete Seafreight Services specialized for Dangerous Goods
Efficient solutions for shipping hazardous materials around the world 

At WNS Worldwide Logistics, we specialize in the management of dangerous goods logistics, which includes the complex process of storing, packing, and transporting hazardous substances, such as in accordance with "ADRs". Including gases, explosives, explosives, accelerators, toxic substances, infectious substances, radioactive elements, disruptive liquids, water contaminants, and environmentally hazardous substances in the scope of this work. Safety is extremely important. It is necessary to use specialized technology and equipment, such as fire protection systems, fire extinguishers, fire-resistant sweeping barriers. and chemical and impact resistant cabinets. In addition, a deeper understanding of hazardous substance compatibility is important - knowing which substances can and cannot be mixed in what manner. This also involves knowing how they can be stored and transported. Can go together and methods for cleaning tanks that have been exposed to specific hazardous substances
Managing dangerous goods logistics requires detailed expertise and careful documentation to minimize risk. and reduce damage in the event of an accident Important in this document is the correct labeling of hazardous substances prior to transport. Enables safe classification and handling in loading, transportation and emergency response procedures..



Seamless Solutions: From proper packaging and labeling to specialized transportation,  

One of the key advantages of choosing our hazardous cargo services is our expertise in proper packaging and labeling. We understand the critical importance of correctly packaging and labeling hazardous materials to comply with regulations and ensure safe transportation. Our team is well-versed in the specific requirements for different types of hazardous cargo, giving you peace of mind knowing that your goods are in capable hands.
Moreover, our specialized transportation services further enhance the advantage of shipping hazardous cargo with us. Whether it's by air, ocean, or land, we have the knowledge and experience to handle hazardous materials with the utmost care and precision. Our commitment to safety and compliance means that your hazardous cargo will reach its destination securely and on time, every time. Partner with WNS Worldwide Logistics for a reliable and comprehensive hazardous cargo shipping solution that prioritizes safety and efficiency..


Expertise in shipping of Hazardous Cargo    

 WNS Worldwide Logistics is a highly experienced and expert logistics company that specializes in the transportation of dangerous goods. With years of experience and a team of highly skilled professionals, they provide safe and reliable transportation services for a wide range of hazardous materials.

Their services include the transportation of flammable liquids, gases, explosives, and other hazardous materials. They have a thorough understanding of the regulations and guidelines set forth by local, state, and federal authorities, ensuring that all shipments are compliant with these regulations. This expertise allows them to provide a safer and more efficient transportation service for their clients.
WNS Worldwide Logistics takes the safety of their clients and employees very seriously. They use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that all shipments are handled and transported safely. They also provide their employees with extensive training and support to ensure that they are well-equipped to handle any situation that may arise during the transport of dangerous goods.
In summary, WNS Worldwide Logistics is a highly experienced and expert logistics company that provides safe and reliable transportation services for a wide range of hazardous materials. Their commitment to safety and compliance ensures that their clients can have peace of mind knowing that their shipments are being handled by professionals who take safety seriously.